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Strategy to achieve a maximum score

Highest GMAT score

Tips and Strategies to ensure a very high score the GMAT has a maximum score of 800 points, and few are able to achieve it. The GMAT is an adaptive exam, which means that the GMAT test adapts to the candidate according to the mistakes and successes obtained during the exam. And precisely because it […]

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Study Online for exam GMAT

GMAT Online Exam

Study online for the GMAT exam Looking for GMAT preparation? It’s in the right place. MBA House has an exclusive methodology that has already helped more than 2,000 students to enter the largest business schools in the world. With a totally unique method, always analyzing your progressions and devising strategies for you to progress. Learn […]

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Harvard MBA Program

Harvard MBA Online

Graduate Programs at Harvard University Have you ever thought about running a graduate program at Harvard? Harvard is one of the most recognized universities in the world, located in the city of Cambridge, USA. The GMAT Exam is a requirement for those looking to pursue a postgraduate degree, or MBA at these big universities, such […]

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Stanford MBA programs

Stanford MBA Online

Stanford MBA programs Stanford is one of the largest and most recognized universities in the world located in California, USA. GMAT scores often do not always give your skills one exact precision, but they do provide a key role in the assessment process. MBA House has already helped over 2,000 students to achieve dream admission, […]

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What is a good GMAT score?

Good grade for great results If you are taking the test for the first time, you have already wondered what a good GMAT score is. Questions like these, it is normal for a candidate to have before taking the test, as you must take the GMAT with the university/business school in mind, and this is […]

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GMAT experience

A real GMAT experience The fundamental way to understand the structure of the GMAT exam is to learn from those who have already taken it. MBA House has a unique methodology, applied and developed with years of study and GMAT experience completely transparent to you, based on official GMAT guides. Click and learn more: https://bit.ly/MBA-House-Experience […]

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